Peas ‘N’ Pod Bernard

Discover the Elegance of Peas ‘N’ Pod Bernard: A Late Season/Specialty Variety. 

A Late Season/Specialty Variety Peas ‘N’ Pod Bernard boasts smaller pea pods that gracefully form a uniform hedge, making it an ideal addition to your  garden. Its naturally compact size allows it to thrive seamlessly in pots, kids gardens, raised beds, or any small space within a home garden. 

As the Peas ‘N’ Pod series comes into full bloom, it enchants with an abundance of beautiful white flowers, infusing vibrancy into any garden or window garden box. Embrace the late-season charm of Peas ‘N’ Pod Bernard for a garden that radiates both beauty and functionality. 

Pot size; 12-17

Peas/pot; 5-10

Wks from seed till edible peas; 8-9

Grow on temp D/N; 18/12°C

Harvest time indoor; 1-2 wk 

Harvest time balcony; 2-3 wk

Crop;  approx. 5-10 beans per plt

Easy for kids

                  Peppers Galaxy 3 color F1

Immerse yourself in the amazing dance of colors with Galaxy 3 Color!

Presenting Galaxy F1 Tricolor, where the spicy fruits initiate as a creamy hue and gracefully transition via orange and flame into a vibrant, glossy red. These compact plants, with a height ranging from 25-30cm, boast a prolific yield of fruits. An aesthetically pleasing and fruitful addition, perfect for enhancing the visual allure of your garden. The peppers can be moved indoors during colder months, enabling year-round cultivation in climates with harsh winters. This continuity allows you to enjoy fresh peppers regardless of the season. 

Pot size; 12-15

Plts/pot; 1

Wks seed till fruit-color; 14-16

Grow on temp D/N; 21/18°C

Harvest time indoor; 6 wk 

Harvest time balcony; 16 wk

Minimum crop; 20 fruits

Jalapeno Baby F1

Jalapeno Baby F1  - Embark on a fiery adventure!

Jalapeno Baby F1 This distinguished jalapeño variety stands as a testament to our commitment to providing tailored solutions for gardeners constrained by space. Ideal for enthusiasts of container gardening. 

Despite its diminutive size, this jalapeño plant, where the juvenile green fruits and the mature red fruits are both spicy and usable in your meal,surprises with an impressive yield of jalapeño fruits. 

Gardens are not just about cultivation; they are visual feasts. Our compact jalapeño variety presents a captivating display of color evolution – from shiny black to vibrant green and finally to a luscious glossy red. Your container garden becomes an aesthetic masterpiece in motion.

Pot size; 15-17