The Cauliflower F1 - Multi-Head is a cauliflower full of surprises. The Cauliflower F1 - Multi-Head will develop 1 main curds, but also 2-4 side curds. The sooner the main curd is harvested, the sooner additional curds can be harvested: “A bonus from mother nature!”.


Growing Cauliflower F1 - Multi-Head:

  • Crop time from planting to first harvest is 10 weeks
  • Diameter: 60 cm / 24”
  • Height: 40 cm / 16”
  • If young plants are stressed, they will not produce a good curd
  • Maximum harvest: ± 2 kg / 71 oz
  • Suitable for various day-length periods
  • Suitable pot sizes: 15-19 cm / 6-9”


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