Why the CAULIFLOWER for SUPER HOBBY GROWERS program?                                                                            

Hobby growers just look like ordinary people. They love their hobby, like good results, not too much stress. Growing your own cauliflower can bring real stress into the growers mind.                                                                                         

How come?                                                                                  

  1. Most gardeners do not like to eat 7 cauliflowers in 7 days. You want to spread the harvest over a few weeks or more.   
  2. Sowing and transplanting takes a lot of attention, the later in the season, the more difficult it can be due to drought. 
  3. Finding a range of "tuned" varieties is difficult, you need to do a lot of pre-study. 
  4. Cauliflower crops are easily attacked by fungi and insects.   
  5. Cauliflower can turn bitter when the sun reaches the curd. 
  6. Cauliflower can delay their crop due to warm days and nights. 
  7. Cauliflower is sensitive to drought stress, 1 day not enough water and a stress/mini cabbage shows up.  

We list 7 reasons why the Cauliflower for Dummies program can help you out:                                                                                  

  1. Usually a harvest takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the outdoor temperature; 5 plants per variety is mostly enough.    
  2. Sowing and transplanting 3 or more varieties at the same time is very relaxing.   
  3. Our varieties are thoroughly tested under various outdoor conditions and planting dates.  
  4. We work with very strong and sturdy genetics, GMO free, with exorbitant thick wax coating on the leafs. 
  5. Our varieties simply never turn bitter in the sun, they keep their excellent taste. 
  6. Our varieties are not delayed due to exrtra warm days and nights, like most North European genetics.    
  7. Our varieties are built compact with relative small leafs, they have a very low evaporation/water-use content. 

* =We do not use any artificial Genetic Manipulation in our plants/organisms, all is done by nature.    

This program is thoroughly tested and executed.                                                                            
We have stock available of all varieties.                                                                             
We will register the varieties in the countries where needed