The pepper, or Capsicum annuum, is one of the most extensive vegetable families with more than 10.000 registered varieties. The species encompasses a wide variety of both shapes and tastes, ranging from bell shaped to pointy and from sweet to spicy. The colour-range is even as wide, ranging from white, orange, red, violet, green until black. Originally from the Americas, does the species thrive in warm and dry climates. Peppers can be eaten both raw and prepared in a wide variety of dishes. The fruit have high levels of vitamin A and C making it a healthy addition to every meal. 

Prudac's pepper portfolio encompasses the whole width of pepper types, from sweet to spicy and from bell-shaped to pointy. Central in Prudac's pepper varieties is the focus on both taste and performance. This has resulted in beautiful, unique and tasteful varieties.

Sweet varieties:

Peppers from Heaven™ F1 

Pillar Peppers™ F1 Sweet 

Pillar Peppers™ Luna

Rocket Peppers F1 Sweet Mamba 

Pumpkin Peppers F1 Halloween

Pumpkin Peppers F1 Spooky 

Pillar Peppers™ F1 Mimi 


Spicy varieties:

Peppers from Hades™ 

Purple Sunset

Pillar Peppers™ F1 Galaxy 

Ponky Peppers™ F1 Spicy Jane

Rocket Peppers F1 Spicy Mamba