Peppers from Hades™ 

This spicy-tasting pepper is suitable for a balcony or container. 

Continuous harvest, fruits and flowers appear during the plant growth.



Its growth habit is similar to Peppers from Heaven™ but it delivers lots of long, visible, and spicy fruits.
Glossy, fleshy fruit turn from a green to a luscious gold or red when ripening.  

Growing Peppers from Hades™ 

  • Crop time from young plant until red fruit is 10-12 weeks
  • Saleable after the first 5-6 weeks
  • Diameter: ± 30 cm/12”
  • Height: ± 20-25-cm/8-10"
  • Grows with the same temperature as tomatoes
  • Suitable pot sizes: 12-15 cm / 5-6"


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