Pillar Peppers™ F1 Galaxy™ Series      

Compact growing pepper for high density cultures and small pots. Various colours with each a specific taste, from mild to spicy and hot. Table top pepper for in the kitchen and on the balcony.


High density of bright spicy fruits on this compact plant with a sturdy stem.

Each colour has its own level of spiciness. Yellow is spicy, red is mild, and orange is hot! It is easy to grow in a small pot of 12-15 cm, and the height is only 25 cm.


Growing the Pillar Peppers™ F1 Galaxy™ Series      

  • Crop time from young plant until red fruit is 12-14 weeks
  • Diameter: ± 20-25 cm / 8-10”
  • Height: ± 25 cm / 10”
  • Suitable pot sizes: 12-15 cm / 5-6”
  • Suitable to grow indoor and finish outdoor or on the kitchen table


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