Ponky Peppers™ F1 - Spicy Jane

A trailing type pepper plant with bright, spicy fruit.

The leaves have a beautiful shine and their structure secures low water use. The plant is quick in showing fruit and the fruit colours fast. Additionally, fruit regrows quickly after harvest.

This pepper variety is not limited to a small pot but also fits in large hanging baskets. In a hanging basket, it shows its full potential by producing large amounts of bright fruits.

The Ponky Peppers™ F1 - Spicy Jane mixes easy with flowers or herbs in a large container. The ease of growing and low labour input make it ideal for home growth.


Growing Ponky Peppers™:

  • Crop time from young plant until red fruit is 12-14 weeks
  • Diameter: 60 cm / 24”
  • Height: 15 cm / 6”
  • Starts out compact with lots of fruit
  • Suitable pot sizes: 15-22 cm / 6-9”


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