Heartbreakers™ is our series of compact, heart shaped, cocktail tomato plants. Cut fruit present a lovely heart shape. Each model in the Heartbreakers™ series has an excellent vigor and shows an abundance of fruit. 

The Heartbreakers™ F1 - Twiggy Red is the red table top variety in the Heartbreakers™ range. This variety produces 6 to 8 branches of fruit at first crop. The juicy fruit have a tender skin and the perfect sweet/sour balance. It is available also in Orange colour, check Heartbreakers™ F1 - Twiggy Orange.


Growing Heartbreakers™ F1 - Twiggy Red

  • Crop time from young plant until red fruit is 8-9 weeks
  • Moment of sale
    • Diameter: ± 20 cm/8”
    • Height: ± 30 cm/12"
  • Maximum at home 
    • Diameter: ± 30 cm/12”
    • Height: ± 40 cm/16"
  • High transport tolerance
  • Suitable pot size: 12-15 cm / 4"-6"  


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